Pizza Nova Reviews


Props to this place for been the only pizzeria open in dyckman. Everything is close do been the first day of a new year. 

Just order 2 slices and i just tell u I was in heaven. After drinking so much for new years I was craving pizza so bad. 

Pizza quality is great cheese and sauce were delicious. The first was soft and crunchy everything were perfect about these slices. 

Will be my go to spot for pizzas in dyckman. I highly recommend for all the pizza lovers like myself.

Pizza Nova Reviews


This pizzeria is a solid option in the area, and provides good pizza, good service, and fast delivery. 
We ordered from here on a Friday night around 10:30, and got our order (pizza with half pepperoni half chicken parm) within the estimated delivery window. The driver called upon arrival as requested, and my fiancé met him at the front door to grab the pizza. It arrived hot and as ordered. The cheese is a bit salty and heavy, and the crust was a bit thick for my liking, thus the dock in a star. It's not true New York City pizza, but it gets the job done. The chicken parm half was especially tasty. Would try again!

Pizza Nova Reviews


Ye haters of Ananas Comosus look away... this pineapple loving review is not for the faint of heart. Only those branded with the eternal love of this fruited pizza will understand. You are my tribe.

I ordered a pineapple and bacon pizza. Was it hot? Yeah! Was it delicious? Yeah! Was it reasonably priced? Yeah! Did it arrive quickly? Yeah! (Damn straight, I live around the corner) Was the order correct? Yeah! Was the pineapple canned? Yes. BOO. GET OFF THE STAGE. Was the bacon crispy? Hell yeah. I'll definitely order again.

Extra bonus points for a cheap pizza place that serves salad that is not just the saddest mix of iceberg lettuce and onions. Kudos to you, Pizza Nova, for tossin' a lil' cucumber and tomatoes and olives my way. That thimble full of Italian dressing was a real slap across the face though. Next time, I'll order double.


One of the better pizza stores that deliver. Reasonably priced and good taste. We love the garden delight. Most pizzerias don't cook the veggies well, this place gets it right. The cheese pizza gets a 9 out of 10 from my family. Pleasant staff and easy ordering by phone.


this place is super nice and the pizza is delicious! my only issue is the price of a pizza slice. .50 just for a slice? it's kinda insane really but overall the employees are sooo kind and they already know me there. definitely would recommend.


I took asap and woke up with a craving for pizza.  I literally placed my order seamless at 3:59pm, I called at 4:05pm to confirm they received my order.  They were at my house by 4:10pm on the dot!! The pizza was hot and simply delish!! I will absolutely order from them again.


Pizza nova is probably the best pizza in Inwood. I've tried the pizza from multiple local spots and they are typically greasy, slimy, and/or poorly done overall. Pizza novas pizza isn't greasy, tastes decent, and the pizza is soft and doughy, just how I like my pizza to be. The delivery guys are nice and quick. I've eaten at the actual place and it's a small, clean restaurant. I usually buy a large pie, 2 ounce coke and garlic knots for 20 bucks. It's quite a deal. But, I stand by my original point that it's the best pizza in Inwood. I'm giving them four stars because I've had better pizza, but for the location they have everyone else beat.


I really like this place. Friendly service, clean tables, and tasty slices. Their veggie slice is particularly good.